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Deventer Weather Seal

Valli&Valli Designer Handles

Trade Partners

At BJ Waller, we’ve partnered up with some of the leading suppliers in the industry to provide you a whole host of architectural ironmongery solutions. Being a trade partner means we can bring you the best products in fast lead times with high stock levels, and can offer our expert knowledge on our ranges.


Traditional, high quality Stonebridge & Finesse hardware


As an official trade partner of Stonebridge & Finesse, we know that we are offering you the best quality, authentic handles, hardware and accessories.


Stonebridge & Finesse are the designers and manufacturers of high quality, beautiful and traditional hardware, with Finesse hardware made from fine English pewter, while Stonebridge hardware is hand-forged from steel.


The Stonebridge & Finesse ranges are ideal for projects that require a traditional finish. They’re the perfect choice if you’re looking to create a truly authentic piece, perfect for refurbishments, restorations, and conversions.


The ranges are tested to BS EN 1670: Grade 3 (240 hours) for Building Hardware Resistance. Find out more about Stonebridge & Finesse handles here.



Valli&Valli designer door handles


For more than 80 years, Valli&Valli has established its reputation as a market leader in designer door handles.


The brand is synonymous with architects from around the world looking for cutting-edge door handle designs, which is why we have chosen to partner up with them.


Each piece of the Valli&Valli collection meets the high-quality interior specifications which are a benchmark for architects, producing handles that are as creative as they are versatile.


Valli&Valli was the first to design door handles not just for functionality, but as a single piece of furniture that visually adds to the overall look of a room. The Fusital Range by Valli&Valli provides chic, minimalist, decorative and traditional pieces designed by some of the world's best designers.


Whether it's a hotel, high-end apartment or luxury office, Valli&Valli's range has you covered. Take a look at the Valli&Valli range here.


Matteo Thun Valli & Valli Handle


Deventer weather seals


If you’re looking for a complete weatherproofing solution for timber windows and doors, choose Deventer weather seals.


We’ve partnered up with Deventer for the extreme performance they offer, as the impressive seals will give your project better weather resistance against high winds, heavy rain and heat resistance up to 200 degrees. As well as this, they provide excellent noise insulation.


The high-performance seals feature an improved sash closing pressure, with non-absorbent technology, low closing forces and a quality feel. Deventer weather seals fit most window and door types and will help you speed up production, saving time and money, with quick and easy installation.


Discover more about Deventer weather seals here.



Alunova aluminium cladding


Alunova aluminium-clad timber windows and doors offer the beauty of wood with the protection of aluminium.


Combining the natural appearance of wood, with a durable, weatherproof aluminium exterior creates maintenance-free windows and doors.


The Alunova Italian engineered alu-clad timber windows and doors are manufactured from timber that is sourced from sustainable forests and the fully recyclable aluminium clad exterior has a long life.


They are also highly thermally efficient to make homes warmer, more comfortable and cheaper to heat.


With a huge range of colour options, the Alunova system can be individually tailored to suit your project, whether you’re looking for a traditional finish or a modern design.


Fore more information about Alunova, click here.



BUVA IsoStone door thresholds


BUVA IsoStone door thresholds are high strength, insulated and weatherproofed, making them the perfect fit for timber or composite doors.


We’ve partnered with BUVA to bring the high quality, energy saving door thresholds to the UK as the exclusive supplier. Developed in the Netherlands 10 years ago, today more than half of all new doors in Holland are fitted with an IsoStone threshold.


The door thresholds boast dimension stability to prevent warping or twisting, a resistance to rotting, a barrier against cold-bridging and a low U-value of 0.89 W/m2K.


Weather protection and airtightness is achieved using an insulated thermal break, a polyurethane insulated outer-chamber and hollowcore inner-chamber, and Deventer weather seals.


Installing timber doors using high quality BUVA IsoStone thresholds saves time as the threshold is supplied ready to fit to the door frame with an easy to use air and water tight fixing kit.


BUVA IsoStone thresholds are ideal for Passive House construction. See the BUVA threshold here.



Contact BJ Waller on 01353 647111 to find out more about our trade partnerships


We’ve hand picked our trade partnerships to ensure that we are bringing you the best quality, most reliable products that will improve the overall finish of your project.


To find out more, call BJ Waller on 01353 647111 or email sales@bjwaller.co.uk. You can find our full list of trade partners here.


Friday 27th November 2020

Self Build Case Study at Number 41

2019 saw the completion of Number 41, a stunning, modern self-build in Derby. A year has passed and owners Andy and Sarah Ball have had a chance to enjoy living in their new home. We caught up with them asked them whether they still loved their choices for handles and hardware.

Wednesday 3rd July 2019

BJ Waller are timber experts for the joinery industry

BJ Waller is the architectural ironmonger of choice for joiners across the UK, backed by its involvement in The Joinery Network, exclusive trade partnerships and dedicated service.

Wednesday 29th May 2019

BJ Waller brings together the timber industry to achieve PAS 24 windows

Leading architectural ironmonger BJ Waller has teamed up with seven other companies to achieve PAS 24 timber windows, allowing joiners to achieve genuine certification for Document Q PAS 24 & BS6375 without any risk.