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SimonsVoss Access Control

SimonsVoss Access Control

Electronic access control is the very latest in security technology. Allowing you to decide who can enter your building, electronic access control replaces mechanical lock and keys to a fully managed secure system, eliminating the risks of copied, stolen or lost keys.


Security being an important issue for any business, your company will require only the very best access control system. As a reliable and reputable ironmongers, B J Waller carries only the best technology, meaning you can rest assured your property will be safe with our solution. Offering SimonsVoss access control to our customers, this award-winning system seamlessly integrates into new and existing building infrastructures. Designed to offer maximum flexibility, the SimonsVoss access control system is incredibly reliable and reduces the end-user ongoing operating costs for a faster return on the investment.


The installation of the SimonsVoss access control technology could not be simpler. Change the existing mechanical cylinder of the handle to an electronic one to enhance security. Simple to programme, any lost transponders can be deactivated quickly and replaced swiftly. Battery operated, the SimonsVoss access control transponders are wireless to increase efficiency and reduce maintenance. Their discreet and sympathetic design can blend in with any environment and with SimonsVoss access control you can upgrade to the next level of technology whenever your business expansion requires it.


Also allowing for three levels of variation, the SimonsVoss access control system can be adapted to your requirements. Opt for a virtual, stand alone or wireless network depending upon your needs. To find out which SimonsVoss access control system your company may require, call us on 01353 647111 for more information.


Wednesday 14th March 2018

Deventer Weather Seals for Timber Windows and Doors

Try it, youíll love it! We think that once joinery manufacturers try Deventer seals, they wonít go back. Thatís because high quality weather seals make better windows and doors. Offering superior protection to wind, water, sound and smoke, Deventer seals give you and your customers the very best.

Tuesday 13th March 2018

BJ Waller is proud to be partnered with door handle designers Valli&Valli

Choosing door handles for merely their functionality is well and truly a thing of the past. We know that for you, picking a handle that brings the right style and creates the correct impression will hugely influence the overall look of a room.

BJ Waller is proud to be partnered with elite door handle designer Valli&Valli, the number one choice for leading architects worldwide.


Friday 16th February 2018

Valli&Valli Ė Leading Designer Door Handles Since 1934

Door handles on interior doors do so much more than just provide functionality. They can make a room more inviting and create a lasting impression.