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Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers

Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers


Friday 27th November 2020

Self Build Case Study at Number 41

2019 saw the completion of Number 41, a stunning, modern self-build in Derby. A year has passed and owners Andy and Sarah Ball have had a chance to enjoy living in their new home. We caught up with them asked them whether they still loved their choices for handles and hardware.

Here’s what Sarah told us:

Whenever anyone asks me about self-building, I always reply that it’s the number, and often the speed, of choices you have to make. Put it this way – for some feature bricks there were 5 choices to make – brick colour, brick style, what pattern the bricks were to be laid, the colour of the mortar, the style of the mortar joints! And that’s not unusual!

Knowing that internal finishing choices were coming up, we started speaking to BJ Waller early. We chose our internal doors and wanted something to go with the modern styling in a walnut finish.

Dealing with BJ Waller was super easy. We knew that we wanted something modern but we didn’t have time to trawl through millions of catalogues. We put forward a budget, and Luke gave us a simple shortlist of designs he thought would work for us.

His choices were amazing! There wasn’t any that we didn’t like. However, there was one that we loved as it was carbon fibre. Both Andy and I are massive F1 fans, and we already had a statement magazine rack in carbon fibre manufactured by a local company in Derby. The only other person in the world that has been given one is Jenson Button, and we got ours with a winning bid for at a charity auction.

The handles we chose for Number 41 were the Carbon Fibre lever on threaded rose door handles from Carlisle Brass. They are a super simple design which ooze modern elegance. The natural grey of the carbon fibre level is set off beautifully by the stainless steel rose and spindle.

But we were only looking at handle designs, in the background Luke had selected the most awesome AGB Polaris locks. Little did we realise that they would become one of our most talked about details of our home. You see they’re magnetic so as the door is closed you don’t have to push down the handle, it simply draws the latch across. It makes them effortless to use. Another superb benefit is that the locks are catch-free as when the door is open the lock is in the retract position. This means that they don’t catch on your clothing, hips or grandchildren! 

We really understand that this was a one-off self-build project, and it’s (very) unlikely that we will be building again soon. But Luke, and the team at BJ Waller were very generous with their expertise to help us make the best choices for our home. Andy and I can’t recommend them highly enough!


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