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Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers

Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers

Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers


Tuesday 13th March 2018

BJ Waller is proud to be partnered with door handle designers Valli&Valli

Choosing door handles for merely their functionality is well and truly a thing of the past. We know that for you, picking a handle that brings the right style and creates the correct impression will hugely influence the overall look of a room.

BJ Waller is proud to be partnered with elite door handle designer Valli&Valli, the number one choice for leading architects worldwide.

About Valli&Valli

Valli&Valli has been designing and making door handles since 1934, developing their experience and innovation for more than 80 years and cementing themselves as a world leader in the designer door handle market.

Valli&Valli were the first door handle manufacturers to design for the visuals and overall look of a room rather than just the functionality, something that through our 30 years of experience we know is top on architect’s lists when looking for the right hardware.

The Italian manufacturers offer the best selection of handles as each piece is researched to meet the high-quality interior specifications which are a benchmark for architects.

We also know how important it is to offer each of your projects something unique. Valli&Valli research every handle to ensure that its design and final aesthetic will stand out in its own way. The range is as creative as it is versatile, spanning from modern, statement handles, to traditional, decorative pieces.

Valli&Valli Designers

The designers in Valli&Valli’s extensive repertoire include world famous names such as Dame Zaha Hadid, Eri Goshen and Matteo Thun.

Each designer brings something different to the Valli&Valli range such as contemporary edge from Hadid, abstract beauty from Eri Goshen, and ornate elegance from Matteo Thun.

We understand different projects require different door handle styles

Whether it’s a hotel, high-end apartments or luxury offices, Valli&Valli’s range has you covered.

The cutting-edge door handles have been designed to complement luxury interiors of any style and age.

For a modern, high-specification projects, try a clean-cut lever handle on a square rose such as these contemporary styles in a chrome satin or polished finish.


The more ornate and rounded lever handles on the round rose backs are beautifully suited for the more elaborate projects you’re working on that demand a more baroque style feature.

To take a look at our full Valli&Valli range, click here to view our gallery, or click here to view our brochure.

How we can help you

We supply Valli&Valli door handles as we want to help architects and designers find the best door handle designs for their projects.

We offer a range of Valli&Valli handles, from vast array of designers, and to give you even more creative freedom and versatility you can even mix and match the styles and features of each door handle that catches your eye to create exactly what you want.

Getting the ironmongery and door hardware right is a small but essential service of any structural development project, and when working with BJ Waller our ironmongery service for architects doesn’t end there.

We’ll expertly guide you through the whole process, offering our advice on the best choice, along with carefully planned out delivery service. We’ll design a comprehensive ironmongery schedule that can easily be inserted into a specification document that includes the numbers, volumes and prices of the door handles of choice.

Get in touch with BJ Waller for your door handle needs

To start finding the right designer door handles for your project speak to a member of the BJ Waller team for help and advice. Call 01353 647111 or email You can view our Valli&Valli brochure here.

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