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Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers

Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers

Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers


Friday 16th February 2018

Valli&Valli Leading Designer Door Handles Since 1934

Door handles on interior doors do so much more than just provide functionality. They can make a room more inviting and create a lasting impression.

When you see a door with a top-quality, visually appealing design, you're automatically intrigued about what's inside. It gives you expectations of the design of the room beyond the door and the type of character of the people who live, work or stay in the property.

Designer door handles play their part in this effect. At BJ Waller we work with a number of the world's best in the design and manufacturer of door handles. Handles made with flair and ambition, but that don't compromise functionality and long-life performance.

We supply these to architects and designers looking to not just make a door handle the key to opening and closing the door, but a complement to the rest of their design vision across a property.

One of these manufacturers is Valli&Valli. It has been designing and making door handles since 1934, almost 80 years of experience and innovation. It is without a doubt, a world leader in the designer door handle market. You don't just have to take our word for it.

Valli&Valli Designer Door Handles - The #1 Choice For Architects and Designers Across The World

Valli&Valli designer door handles are the number one choice for leading architects and designers across the world. From David Chipperfield, to Foster & Partners to Matteo Thun, inspiring architects have designed Valli&Valli door handles to complete the look of their doors.

Valli&Valli handles are used in some of the world's most amazing architecture including 50 West Street in New York, City Life, Milan and Battersea Ballymore, London. All these projects have unique, awe-inspiring designs that go right the way from the buildings structure, down to every door handle. They couldn't be complete without the right look, and Valli&Valli has provided just that.

A Bit of History

To appreciate Valli&Valli's innovation, you only have to take a look at its history. Valli&Valli was the first to design door handles not just for functionality, but as a single piece of furniture that visually adds to the overall look of a room.

In the seventies, it introduced the "copyright handle" signed by an architect and designer. In 1976, Valli&Valli launched the Fusital collection. Each element of a Fusital handle has been designed by world leading architects, or rising stars that have a real eye for design. Every handle, is researched, designed and manufactured to look, feel and stand out in its own way. Unique to any other handle.

BJ Waller - Your Valli&Valli Distributor

To help architects and designers find the best door handle designs for their projects, BJ Waller provides advice and guidance on the best choice. We have been working with architectural ironmongery for more than 30 years. We supply Valli&Valli because we know that its handles are made for high-end residential and commercial properties, for projects where it's all about being different and not the same. Creating something new, and being adventurous is what Valli&Valli is all about.

Take a look through some of the existing designs to spark your own ideas for how the handles could look on your doors. See a lever you like on one handle, but you prefer the backplate on another? With BJ Waller you can mix and match to create exactly what you want. You can view our Valli&Valli gallery for design inspiration.

Speak to BJ Waller

To start finding the right designer door handles for your project speak to a member of the BJ Waller team for help and advice. Call 01353 647111.


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