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Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers

Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers

Latest news from B J Waller Architectural Ironmongers


Tuesday 26th September 2017

Why Hinges Must Be Right On Fire Doors

Fire safety is on everyone’s lips. The message that buildings must be fitted out with reliable and effective fire doors, and have designated fire escape routes that are clearly signposted, is louder than it has been for a long time.

The tragedy at Grenfell Tower earlier this year has raised the volume and level of discussion on fire safety. Its importance never waivers and it is something that must be at the forefront of architects, specifiers, developers, installers and landlords’ minds. We have to make sure people are safe.

In a study carried out by Fire Door Safety Week, four in ten tenants say there is no clear fire escape route displayed in their building and more than a third admitted that they have seen fire doors propped open. These are worrying statistics.

To help raise awareness, this week is Fire Door Safety Week. Organisations and businesses throughout the industry are educating building owners and users about fire safety and the importance of fire doors.

BJ Waller is a big supporter of Fire Door Safety Week and we do all we can to help fire safety.  We make sure that fire doors are specified with fit for purpose hardware to keep people safe. This includes everything from hinges, to door closers.

The Importance Of Hinges

BJ Waller looks at projects from a hardware perspective to help architects and specifiers choose the best performing and most suitable hardware for fire doors. Often when it comes to the specification of commercial doorsets including fire doors, cheap ball bearing hinges are used even though they are far more likely to fail. If hinges fail, the whole doorset fails – and on a fire door the consequences could be devastating.

Cheap ball bearing hinges do the job in the short-term and cut costs, but over the long-term they are not reliable, putting lives at risk. If something goes wrong, it could make the architect, contractors or specifiers personally liable.

They need to be maintained throughout their lifespan to keep them in top working condition, but it is unlikely that they will receive the sufficient maintenance required. This is why it is really important to choose hinges that are high-quality, reliable and don’t compromise the effect of fire doors.

One of our manufacturing hardware partners, Royde & Tucker, make precision-made HI-LOAD hinges, that require no maintenance and can be counted on over the course of their lifespan. The best way to tell you about how well they perform, is to show you.

See Quality For Yourself

Watch below a video that shows the significant difference in performance between Royde & Tucker HI-LOAD bearing hinges and standard ball bearing hinges.

The video shows how ball bearing hinges wear over time. Oil can leak from the hinge, which has an impact on its performance, affecting the whole doorset at the same time. It highlights the issues it can cause for the lock and closer. This is why it’s so important to make sure the hinges are fit for purpose.

Integrated Commercial Doorsets Service 

To help ensure high quality hinges are specified for fire doors, and to reduce the amount of time needed on site, we have an Integrated Commercial Doorset Service. How does it work?

BJ Waller preps commercial doorsets in the factory and delivers them pre-hung with all flush hardware already fitted. Any other hardware that protrudes by more than 2mm, like handles, are prepped and delivered to site with the doorset ready to be installed.

It means one man with one screwdriver is all that’s needed to fit a commercial doorset from BJ Waller. You can find out all about how the service works by visiting our services page where you can also download the Integrated Commercial Doorsets guide.

Fire Door Safety Week

Make sure you get involved in this year’s Fire Door Safety Week to help raise awareness of this important issue. You can join in the #clickitkickit campaign. If you spot a fire door that has been wedged open, make sure you remove it and shut the fire door. Take a picture before you do and share it using the hashtag on Twitter.

To find out more about BJ Waller, call 01353 647111. 

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