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I’ve been involved with the construction industry for 32 years, with 23 of these years within the architectural ironmongery field. Before joining BJ Waller at the start of 2016, I’ve worked with numerous leading businesses in the industry including Yale, Chubb, Union, Assa, Kaba and Laidlaw, to name a few.

My primary role is managing the product lifecycle for our clients that include architects, joiners and main contractors. I’ll work with our customers to ensure they get the right product or ironmongery schedule for their exact requirements. I’ll prepare the ironmongery specifications and schedules and ensure we offer the very best customer service possible.

I’m looking forward to bringing more of my experience to the team at BJ Waller and to help grow the business even further. There’s bright things in the future for our team as we look to grow our specification services and continue to deliver on customer satisfaction.

Discover more about the team at BJ Waller by visiting our team page here or alternatively get in touch by calling 01353 647111.

Wednesday 14th March 2018

Deventer Weather Seals for Timber Windows and Doors

Try it, youíll love it! We think that once joinery manufacturers try Deventer seals, they wonít go back. Thatís because high quality weather seals make better windows and doors. Offering superior protection to wind, water, sound and smoke, Deventer seals give you and your customers the very best.

Tuesday 13th March 2018

BJ Waller is proud to be partnered with door handle designers Valli&Valli

Choosing door handles for merely their functionality is well and truly a thing of the past. We know that for you, picking a handle that brings the right style and creates the correct impression will hugely influence the overall look of a room.

BJ Waller is proud to be partnered with elite door handle designer Valli&Valli, the number one choice for leading architects worldwide.


Friday 16th February 2018

Valli&Valli Ė Leading Designer Door Handles Since 1934

Door handles on interior doors do so much more than just provide functionality. They can make a room more inviting and create a lasting impression.