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I started my career in the warehouse at HFC Linkirk, a fixings and ironmongery company based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. I started in the goods in team, then worked in the goods out department. I soon got to grips with the extensive product range and moved into the sales team after gaining more experience in the purchasing department. Working closely with my colleagues, I was made responsible for rekindling dormant accounts. I’ve always been people-orientated and enjoyed the challenge of finding ways to improve the service we delivered.


I moved to BJ Waller in August 2003 and immediately knew I was in a pretty special team. I worked my way up from a general sales role to become the company’s sales director.


Working as part of a great team of talented people, I’m responsible for internal and external sales, as well as the marketing strategy for the business. We strongly believe in putting our clients’ needs at the heart of all we do and work closely with architects, main contractors and joinery manufacturers to ensure we’re always delivering the best possible level of customer service. Our hands-on approach means we’re there to write detailed specifications for major projects as well as following the project through to the point of order and installation. After-sales is also a huge part of our service. Once a BJ Waller product has been installed, our dedicated team continue to work closely with our client to ensure all’s as it should be.


I love the constant variety my job brings. One day I’ll be out meeting potential clients, architects, contractors or joiners, the next, I might be in the office training our growing sales team, or even sharing updates on our company’s Twitter account!


Our marketplace is competitive, but we’re confident that we stand out for all the right reasons. We go the extra mile to ensure that the products we supply are the best possible quality and are the ideal solution for a clients’ project. By taking the time to take a detailed brief, we can make recommendations on what’s going to be most suitable. Sometimes a project lifecycle can last almost five years from start to finish and we know that our clients appreciate our attention to detail and commitment to quality communication during these extended projects.


Over the years, we’ve taken great care to make sure we’re building up a team of talented people who will help our business continue to thrive and grow. Our people are hardworking and don’t shy away from using their initiative to solve problems. Nothing is too much trouble and you’ll always see us pulling together to get a job done to the best of our ability. There’s a great company culture here, with lots of fun and banter, that’s backed up by unrivalled product knowledge and years of customer service experience.


When asked what makes us special, I tell people that it’s our shared extensive knowledge. This has made us a problem solver and solutions provider, our clients choose BJ Waller as they know we’ll always do things the right way.


The future holds many exciting developments for our business, including increased market share in the joinery and specification arenas. We’re committed to staying on top of all the latest developments in our industry to ensure we’re the ones driving quality forward.


Discover more about the team at BJ Waller by visiting our team page here or alternatively get in touch by calling 01353 647111.

Wednesday 29th August 2018

BJ Waller Exclusively Launches the BUVA IsoStone Door Threshold

Architectural Ironmonger BJ Waller launches the BUVA IsoStone threshold, as the exclusive supplier in the UK.

BUVA IsoStone is a high strength, high quality, insulated and weatherproof door threshold, perfect for timber and composite entrance doors, including double doors.

Wednesday 29th August 2018

BJ Waller to exhibit at The Build Show

BJ Waller will launch the new BUVA IsoStone threshold on the PIGS Product Pavilion, part of The Build Show 2018 at UK Construction Week. Architectural Ironmonger BJ Waller will be exhibiting the exclusive weatherproof and easy to fit door threshold at the new Doors, Windows & Glass Show.

Wednesday 14th March 2018

Deventer Weather Seals for Timber Windows and Doors

Try it, youíll love it! We think that once joinery manufacturers try Deventer seals, they wonít go back. Thatís because high quality weather seals make better windows and doors. Offering superior protection to wind, water, sound and smoke, Deventer seals give you and your customers the very best.