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Securefold ultra bifolding | Securefold ultra bifolding with BJ Waller

Securefold ultra bifolding


Securefold ultra bifolding


If you are interested in purchasing opening exterior folding doors for your home but are worried about the security aspect, then have you considered Securefold Ultra bifolding doors? Securefold Ultra bifolding doors are the latest development of opening exterior folding doors. Offering the next generation of security for folding door systems, Securefold Ultra bifolding doors will provide your home with everything that the Securefold bifolding doors can, but with an extra layer of protection. Securefold Ultra bifolding doors include extra security components, such as the unique interlocking hinge, which all work together to ensure Securefold Ultra bifolding doors give you uncompromised and superior security. The most comforting aspect about Securefold Ultra bifolding doors for you to consider is that Securefold Ultra bifolding doors have been tested against British and Europeans standards and are also classified as burglar resistant by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). Therefore, you can rest assured that Securefold Ultra bifolding doors will not only provide your home with maximum flexibility of the living space available, but Securefold Ultra bifolding doors will not compromise its security in any way whatsoever. So if you’re considering enhancing your house with opening exterior folding doors then speak to BJ Waller today about Securefold Ultra bifolding doors.

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Monday 9th October 2017

One Man, One Screwdriver, One Door Guide

Internal commercial doorsets can be fitted by one man with one screwdriver, thanks to BJ Waller’s Integrated Commercial Doorsets Service.

Tuesday 26th September 2017

Why Hinges Must Be Right On Fire Doors

Fire safety is on everyone’s lips. The message that buildings must be fitted out with reliable and effective fire doors, and have designated fire escape routes that are clearly signposted, is louder than it has been for a long time.

Wednesday 20th September 2017

BJ Waller Adds Expertise with Adrian Bailey

Adrian Bailey’s comprehensive knowledge of ironmongery products and vast experience of supporting and helping customers, is why he joins the BJ Waller team in a newly created role as Technical Sales Representative. Adrian comes on board to help support new and existing customers throughout the South West.